Today is the official start of the PARCC exam, which has been controversial since the beginning.

(Credit Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Is standardized testing becoming overbearing?

Throughout the country, students everywhere are subjected to these kinds of tests, which many authorities claim to be useful for calibrating where students are academically. We see them everywhere: whether the government is testing middle schoolers, high schoolers are spending tens of hours prepping for the SATs, or even college grads studying for the GREs or LSATs, standardized tests have become, well, the standard.

But how do we know when these tests have gone too far? The PARCC tests have been particularly contentious for this reason, with many parents claiming their children's quality of education has detrimented while stress levels have increased.

What do you think? Do you believe that the tests go overboards? Or are people complaining too much? Answer our poll below!