The major trash pickup in Roosevelt was this morning which means people spent the weekend driving around the town looking and hoping someone would throw something out of value. There were couches, old furniture, broken appliances and lots of stuff that made you think you were in a seventies graveyard. Yet people were coming with pickup trucks taking the stuff and acting like they found gold.

Bulk Pick Up in NJ - Do you go through your neighbors' trash?


Do you know the old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Actually your trash is just your trash in someone else’s house. Very rarely do you get lucky enough to score an expensive piece. Usually it’s just “we can take that half a chair, strip down the paint, go to Home Depot, buy new legs, put them on , then re-stain it, and then it’ll be good as new. OR,  you can go to your local home improvement store, spend twenty dollars and buy a new chair. Then spend that restoring time watching TV. Which would YOU prefer?

The other theory is to save it because there is someone that could use your old pasta maker, of veg-a-matic- or ab roller. So don’t throw it away. Keep it in the closet for the next time you see that person. Maybe someone would buy it if you had a yard sale? . Wanna bet?  Have you ever found anything of value in someone else’s trash?  Have you ever thrown away anything worth picking up? Or do you go out looking through things other people throw away.