Last week after hearing of an Eli Manning e-mail exchange with his equipment director over game used helmets in a memorabilia suit,  I created what I meant to be a funny bit about how if a Jersey guy were going to do something wrong they should never put it in writing. After seeing Eli's reaction to all of this and how seriously he's taking this attack on his integrity, this Jersey guy regrets making that video.

Eli Manning is a stand up Jersey guy no question. This man has given so much of his time and money helping people that he was a co-winner of the Walter Payton Man Of The Year award. His commitment to causes like "Tackle Kids Cancer" at Hackensack University medical center, a cause so dear to him that he often shows up there unexpectedly just to brighten their day. He's also brought New Jersey two Super Bowls and could be on his way to a third. He deserves better than this.

But on the other side, if as he says, he will be exonerated, then they need to get that evidence out there ASAP. Legal system or not, if I'm Eli Manning and the Giants, I want to be cleared as soon as possible. But that's for them to decide.

As far as I'm concerned, Eli Manning is definitely a "Jersey Guy" and anyone who says different is a moron, and that was me "The Moron" last week on video.

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