SOUTH BRUNSWICK — It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this wouldn't end well.

Police in several communities on Tuesday responded to reports of suspicious small packages that fell from the sky on parachutes.

One package fell on a solar farm in the Kendall Park section of South Brunswick with a note advising that it was "not a bomb."

The note also had a message for the president, who has been staying at his golf club in Bedminster.

"If this lands near the president, we at NASA wish him a great round of golf."

Despite the note, the bizarre delivery raised alarm and prompted emergency response by the State Police Bomb Unit and local fire companies to South Brunswick and Readington, where another box landed.

Police on Thursday said the two packages were among six weather-monitoring devices released Sunday from the New Brunswick area by a NASA scientist.

The devices had contact information.

"The weather researchers were apologetic for any concerns they had raised by the hand written note on the device. There are no charges related to the incident," South Brunswick police said Thursday.

Police said the other devices will eventually fall in random locations.

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