Chris Christie says he's living a life without regrets.

He might have been the Republican nominee for president if not for the Bridgegate scandal. But after Christie reaffirmed to New Jersey 101.5's Eric Scott Tuesday that he had nothing to do with the infamous closures of George Washington Bridge lanes that have led to a high-profile trial for former members of his inner circle, the governor said he's proud of the things he's accomplished so far.

Christie said he was reminded by his son to be thankful for the live he's lived to date — and not for the ambitions so far unrealized — in a birthday card.

"When your 23-year-old son says that to you — I got no regrets," he said.

Christie also told Scott he didn't see Monday night's first presidential debate as a home run for either candidate — that a lot came down to a voter's preferred style. Christie made headlines when he endorsed Donald Trump months before Trump secured the Republican nomination, and not long after Christie dropped out of the Republican primary himself.

The governor also said talks are ongoing to institute a 23-cent gas tax increase — and advocated, as he has before, for doing so if New Jerseyans can be given other tax breaks and the money can be definitively committed to transportation funding. And he said he thinks athletes inclined to protest should do so on their own time — not at scholastic or professional sports events.

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