I love almost everything about New Jersey's cocky, in-your-face Twitter account. The @NJGov timeline has been a treasure trove of hilarious localized content for some time. But I must say, @NJGov stepped out of line recently. And look, I get it. You try to stay in your lane as long as you can, but once you get behind a PA driver, you start getting impatient. You act erratically. You're so fired up, next thing you know you're ready to claim one of Philadelphia's triumphs as one of your own!

Plain and simple, this is just not true. Yes, I've seen the NJ episode of Anthony Bourdain's travel and food show, so you bet I'm eager to try Donkey's Place in Camden. As Dennis Malloy points out, a place called Meatheadz in Lawrence was recently touted as having better cheesesteaks than Philadelphia. There are even places in New Jersey that I swear by for cheesesteaks - specifically Vinnie's Pizza & Subs in Wall and Yellow Submarine in Maple Shade. Both AMAZING spots, but if I had to choose between either of these vs. a handful of Philly spots, I'm going with Philadelphia virtually every time.

And that's okay.

Let Pennsylvania have this. They could use the W.

New Jerseyans boast - rightfully so - about having the best pizza and bagels in all the land. We're 100% right about that, by the way. But we don't have to claim the best of everything.

Plus, by letting Philly win this one, you give yourself an excuse to head into the city of brotherly love and immerse yourself in a slightly different culture for a few hours, all while enjoying a life-changing cheeseteak.

The only thing you really have to look out for are groups of Eagles fans; formally known as flocks, I guess. Like coyotes howling in the night, you'll surely here a "flyyyyy Eagles flyyyyy" or two in the distance. Obviously you'll want to clutch onto the hand of whomever you're with, but they are usually harmless if you don't antagonize them. And in all likelihood, they'll be in the midst of a meat and cheese coma just like you.

For the record, the best cheesesteak on planet earth lives here:

Dalessandro's Steaks
Dalessandro's Steaks / Joe Votruba photo

Aaaaaand, now I'm hungry.

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