While many New Jerseyans went down the shore or had barbecues on  Memorial Day weekend, I was in the kitchen whipping up some great meals. Since I still don't have a grill, I stayed in the kitchen and cooked there.

No grill & stale bread, it was the perfect Memorial Day meal.

Black Eyed peas...sweet & spicy...8 hours in a crock pot...cayenne & molasses, mustard

Deviled eggs...mayo, mustard, cayenne, celery salt, paprika, fresh cut chives

Pulled pork...low 225 & slow...8-10 hours  pork shoulder (boston butt) olive oil, salt & pepper, garlic powder, fresh parsley, garlic cloves (big pieces), red pepper flakes

Brine pork for at least 24 hours in the fridge...water, sugar, salt, parsley, garlic & red pepper flakes

Broccoli Rabe...boiling water 3-5 minutes, until bright green...then saute in pan w/ olive oil, red pepper flakes, 4-5 cloves of garlic, salt & pepper.  Don't forget to salt the water AFTER it comes to a boil.

Day old Portuguese rolls.  cut rolls in half...under broiler melt provolone cheese on each half.  One side gets rabe, other side gets pork...awesome.  Add a little vinegar BBQ sauce, and/or Tabasco, or nothing at all...

My first dish was the pulled pork.

I wasn't done after the pulled pork. I also made ribs, beans and eggs.