Nearly four months since a safety net disappeared for the long-term unemployed, millions of Americans continue to wait for a possible extension of the benefit by Congress.

Unemployed Workers
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

The Senate voted earlier this month to extend the payouts until May 31 for workers who have been unemployed for longer than a few months, but the measure faces opposition in the House. The deal would also retroactively assist those who have been without the benefit since the end of last year.

"For the people who are so desperate and are ready to lose everything, this is something that we've got to keep fighting for," said Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ), noting he is willing to go along with the current measure.

The complaint in the House is that the deal does not do enough to spur job creation.

Nearly 3 million Americans would benefit from an extension; LoBiondo indicated "thousands and thousands" of New Jerseyans are affected.

"How do you measure the impact when parents can't provide for their kids because they don't have a job?" LoBiondo added. "These are all things that have a dramatic ripple effect that I don't think enough people are taking into consideration."

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