Ah, the early 21st century, the years when the United States lost its mind. We've elected a p#$$y-grabbing, belittling court jester ex-game show host as our leader. We've elected a Goldman Sachs, illegal immigrant-loving progressive tax machine as our governor. We've decided "Baby It's Cold Outside" is a date rape anthem.

What's next up for idiocracy?

Thursday in Trenton a hearing takes place on A5823. The Assembly bill would allow ex-cons on parole and people on probation to vote. To vote before they have fully repaid their debt to society. As it stands now, these folks can have their voting rights restored once they are done with the system. Assemblyman Jamel Holley seems to feel why wait?

"They are part of our community," he says. Okay Jamel, a part of our community that did things to harm our community.

Should people who have disrespected the law be given the respect of voting rights before they have completed their full time in the system? Of course not. But get this. Jamel Holley doesn't want to stop there. NJ.com reports the assemblyman wants to first get this law on the books, then revisit the issue to allow prisoners to vote from behind bars. I kid you not. Now how exactly would that imbecilic idea work as far as districts? Would you vote for candidates running in the district in which you are locked up? Or would it be the district of your last known address before incarceration? Imagine that constituency in a district where there's a large prison. Lots of luck to any law and order candidate.

This is a terrible idea from beginning to end for reasons so obvious I shouldn't have to go into them. But as Dennis Miller used to say, that's just my opinion I could be wrong. So you tell us. Take our poll below.

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