It doesn’t get more pathetic than this. U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, a guy who has barely qualified in polls for any of the debates and whose campaign has been on life support for awhile now, is playing the race card to push for inclusion on the next stage.

Just as Booker is at risk of failing to qualify, Julian Castro is not meeting the polling threshold to qualify for the next debate. And Kamala Harris, not seeing a path forward, has dropped out of the race.

“What message is that sending that we heralded the most diverse field in our history and now we’re seeing people like her dropping out of this campaign?”

Well Cory, since you asked, may I bluntly answer? What it says is the system, while imperfect, works as well as it can. It says candidates are not automatically given a free pass to the next round of debates just because of the color of their skin. It says the public gets exposed to candidates’ ideas and expresses itself in polls.

Why does Cory Booker need to bring race into this? Are the candidates greater or lesser because they are white? Are they greater or lesser because they are of color? It shouldn’t be that way. They should be greater or lesser based on their character and ideas. If Cory Booker thinks the system is rigged against people of color, he needs to explain why Barack Obama’s ideas and character rose above the din all the way through the debates to the nomination then the presidency.

Cory Booker needs to put away the race card and accept the fact that his ideas are not resonating with the people.

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