His job approval numbers are still off-the-charts good and he's crushing his Democratic challenger, but that doesn't mean Gov. Chris Christie will help his fellow Republicans retake control of either the State Senate or the General Assembly.

Governor Chris Christie (Facebook)

In fact, today's Quinnipiac University poll shows Christie will have little-to-no impact of legislative races this year.

State Sen. Barbara Buono is running against Christie this year and she still trailing him by a mile.

"Christie over Buono, 61 percent to 29 percent," says Quinnipiac poll director Mickey Carroll. "I mean, that's not even an election."

In today's survey, Christie leads 59 - 30 percent among women, 64 - 28 percent among men, 93 - 2 percent among Republicans and 67 - 24 percent among independent voters. Buono takes Democrats 55 - 35 percent.

New Jersey voters give Christie a 68 - 26 percent job approval rating, keeping him number one in job approval among the governors in the nine states surveyed by Quinnipiac University.

Only 20 percent of voters say they are more likely to vote for a state legislative candidate endorsed by Christie, with 15 percent less likely and 63 percent who say the governor's endorsement won't influence their vote.

"Coattails looks like the only question in the one-sided New Jersey race for governor and incumbent Christopher Christie doesn't seem to have them," says Carroll. "The governor continues to thrash Sen. Buono, but voters say they're not inclined to support legislative candidates because Christie supports them, or, as a matter of fact, because Buono supports them."

The coattails for Buono are even shorter. Eight percent say they are more likely to vote for her picks, with 18 percent less likely and 70 percent who say her endorsement won't affect their vote.

"Things could change when the real campaign starts after Labor Day, if Christie decides to emulate his mentor, former Gov. Tom Kean, and work for the rest of the ticket, but at this stage, Christie is good only for Christie."

If Christie wins, New Jersey voters say 51 - 36 percent they would like the Democrats rather than Republicans to control the State Legislature. If Buono wins, 43 percent of voters want Democratic control and 41 percent want Republican control of the legislature.

Voters Support Gay Marriage

Today's poll also shows New Jersey voters support a state law allowing same-sex marriage 60 - 31 percent, with almost no gender gap. Support is 69 - 23 percent among Democrats and 64 - 28 percent among independent voters, with Republicans opposed 49 - 39 percent.

"Christie-Buono looks like a walk-away," says Carroll. "The governor's job approval is stratospheric and even his veto of same-sex marriage, an issue which continues to draw 2-1 support, hasn't hurt him."

From July 2 - 7, Quinnipiac surveyed 1,068 New Jersey voters with a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points. The poll was conducted using live interviewers called land lines and cell phones.