It's a tough discussion any way you slice it. Heroin and drug addiction in New Jersey.

During the majority of the morning, I was talking about how instead of celebrating how many lives we'e reportedly saving due to Narcan, we should be having a discussion about how many of those treatments are multiple saves of the same person. How many of those overdoses happened to the same person on the same day? That's what we're missing here!

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno joined me this morning in studio and took some calls with me from people who are looking for help either for themselves or loved ones. Now government shouldn't be the be all end all savior here, it should start at home and in the community but clearly there is a focus by the state to help people beat their addiction.

It's amazing what some NJ residents have to do to get their loved ones into a rehab center. A caller named Joe in Lacy has a son who has been addicted for over 10 years. Joe's son actually had to go back on heroin after he was cleaned up, just to get back into a rehab program!

Many of the callers agreed with Joe that it is just entirely too difficult to get through the red tape to get into a rehab center. The other reoccurring theme was that the rehab stints for most abusers are just too short and don't give the person enough time to get clean.

Regarding getting through the red tape, Guadagno noted: "If you don't tell us what the problems are, we're not going to know. It's really that simple. That's why I give  my cell phone number out. That's why the governor does the Ask the Governor. So that we can follow up on the problems real people are having in New Jersey."

As we talked to more callers looking for help with addiction, Lt. Governor Guadagno noted that a key to true recovery and avoiding repeat trips to the hospital and rehabilitation center is getting those addicted on a better path.

"We need to give them a path forward that's different from the life they're leading right now," she said. "You have to give them some hope. You have to give them something better."

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