Ed Forchion, otherwise known to many NJ residents as NJ Weedman, an advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana, spoke with Jim this morning.

David McNew, Getty Images

Forchion, who currently is serving a 9-month sentence for possession of marijuana, is out of jail at the moment as part of his suspended sentence to receive medical treatment for cancer.


"I"m enjoying watching Christopher Christie going through this political scandal. I Still surprised no one's talking about what he's done to NJ's medical marijuana program. He's totally undermined it, I think viciously at times. I think it should be called Weedgate."

Forchion points out that less than 500 eligible residents have received medical marijuana from the 3 dispensaries that are open in NJ. "You practically have to be dying to get into the NJ program," Weedman notes.

Even without Bridgegate, Forchion says that on a national scale Christie would've had a hard time once he started campaigning.  "When he [Christie] started campaigning out West he wouldv'e had a problem anyway from marijuana users or people who believe in the use of cannabis because of his positions, He's very very open about his not-supporting the issue of marijuana."

You can listen to the entire interview with Jim below.