With all the recent talk about making the PARCC test mandatory, I had Union High School teacher and People Magazine's "Sexiest Teacher Alive," Nick Ferroni, on my show to give his perspective. Ferroni is not in favor of making students take the test since "there's no data that proves its success."

Ferroni then went on to call the test "educational extortion" since schools lose funding if they don't make their students take it. He claims that "an average of 30 days is dedicated to the test" which is a pretty sizable chunk of a 180 day school year.

A really concerning point that Ferroni made is that in the eyes of those reviewing PARCC test scores, students are "not a human being anymore, [they're] a test score." As a parent, that's not comforting to hear.

Hear Ferroni's complete thoughts on the test in the video above.

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