Eric Scott was filling in for Jim again this morning and during the 8am hour, had a special guest in studio.

Steve Sweeney in studio with Eric Scott on July 2nd 2013
Chris Swendeman/NJ1015 Townsquare Media

If you missed any or all of the hour that the senate president spent speaking with Eric Scott, you can listen to any or all of the hour, broken up into segments below.

Segment 1:

Steve Sweeney and Eric discuss the budget that was signed early with very little opposition and why this year was different than in years past.

Segment 2:

The Senate President and Eric Scott discuss breaks for frequent travelers and the state's failed pension plan.

 Segment 3:

In this segment, the topic of gay marriage gets discussed after a caller asked for an update on the Marriage Equality bill and whether or not the bill will be on the ballot in November.

Segment 4:

In the final segment, Steve and Eric continue to take calls and discuss that continuing growing number of retirees that leave the state and the priorities for the Senate this summer.

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