Anyone who listens to my show knows how much I hate homework. I hated it when I was getting yelled at and smacked around over it as a child. (it was a simpler time back then).

I hate homework just as much now as a parent, as I have to listen to my wife and kids argue about it until I have to be the enforcer and order the kids to do it.

One time I actually had my sons on air with me to discuss the topic “Should There Be Homework in New Jersey.”

Now that school is out for the summer, you would think that homework would end but that's not the case. Now we have summer homework as well. That’s where the long arm of school reaches out to you on your vacation to remind you that the aggravation is just around the corner. It's as if those “back to school” sales that start on July 5th don’t annoy your enough already.

What’s the point of giving children summer homework? They’re doing it for a teacher they don’t have a feel for yet, on a topic they haven't learned yet.  How do the students know if their doing it correctly or not?

I think it would be much better to eliminate summer homework and just hit the ground running in September. If you’ve got kids and don’t agree with me now, chances are you will see my side of it when Labor Day weekend comes and it’s still not done.

Let the frustration begin!

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