🔮 A psychic from New Jersey is charged with fortune telling

🔮 She told a man he had months to live unless he paid her thousands, police say

🔮 The psychic said she spent $1,700 on holy water and ritual supplies

A psychic from New Jersey is wanted on charges of theft and fortune telling after telling a man he had months to live unless she got paid thousands of dollars, according to police.

The Palmyra, Pennsylvania police said Billie Loren Mitchell demanded more than $8,000 from a couple after giving the husband a psychic card reading. Mitchell told the man, who was over 60 years old, that he had only four months to live unless he and his wife completed expensive rituals, police said.

Mitchell is a "clairvoyant psychic and certified holistic healer" and the owner of Psychic World, according to her Facebook page. The business on Main Street in Palmyra in Lebanon County offers psychic readings, Chakra balancing, and even pet readings.

Billie Loren Mitchell (via Facebook)
Billie Loren Mitchell (via Facebook)

But the couple's daughter wasn't convinced of Mitchell's psychic abilities. She contacted the police to report the readings as a scam.

According to court documents, Mitchell on April 4 promised to give the couple a refund if they wanted their money back. More than three weeks later, the money wasn't returned and police filed criminal charges.

🔮 Drawing the 'Death Card'

An affidavit states the couple saw Psychic World and got curious, so they booked an appointment for 3:30 p.m. on Feb. 23. The tarot card reading cost them $50.

Mitchell drew the "Death Card" for the husband during the reading. She told him that he had five months to live unless the couple paid for a $500 cleansing ritual involving candles and holy water, police said. The husband went to an ATM to withdraw the money. After he gave Mitchell the cash, she told the couple they did not need to be there when she performed the ritual.

Psychic World in Palmyra (via Facebook)
Psychic World in Palmyra (via Facebook)

Later, Mitchell texted the man's wife and told her to come in for a solo appointment three days later on Feb. 26. However, she opted to skip the meeting. Court documents said that Mitchell then sent more text messages saying that she had already bought $1,700 worth of holy water and other supplies and that she would need $8,000 from the couple.

A few days later, the couple's daughter reported the matter to police.

🔎 Investigating Psychic World

On March 3, Palmyra police officers went to the psychic business on Main Street and spoke with Mitchell. She showed the officers two ID cards with the same New Jersey address on them.

Court documents show an officer then contacted Mitchell by phone on April 4. Mitchell told the cop that she was at a hospital in New York and on pain medication.

Psychic World on Main Street in Palmyra (Google Maps)
Psychic World on Main Street in Palmyra (Google Maps)

Mitchell recalled that the couple had come in to complain of "demons in their house" and that she was going to perform a house blessing for them, according to the affidavit. She added that if they weren't happy with their services, then she would offer a refund.

But three weeks later on April 25, there was still no progress. Police filed charges of theft by deception and fortune telling against Mitchell.

The charges were issued on a summons on April 27. Mitchell has a court hearing scheduled for May 27, Palmyra police Chief Andrew Winters told New Jersey 101.5.

Rick Rickman is a reporter for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at richard.rickman@townsquaremedia.com

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