College credits without all the classes? You can sign up for that right here in New Jersey.

Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno announces the launch of NJ PLAN (Townsquare Media)

During an event at Thomas Edison State College on Thursday, Acting Gov. Kim Guadagno announced the launch of the New Jersey Prior Learning Assessment Network (NJ PLAN) pilot program. Participating students can earn credits by taking tests or preparing portfolios that document the college-level knowledge they gained over the years.

“You will be able to earn credit for your life experiences,” said Guadagno. “It saves people money on every level; it saves people time on every level; it recognizes skills that wouldn’t otherwise be recognized.”

Guadagno said NJ PLAN is a solid fit for everyone from the high school graduate who never attended college to the stay-at-home mother who wants to further her education.

“It’s the best program that I’ve seen to help people go back to school at an affordable cost in the state of New Jersey,” she added.

Thomas Edison State College will serve as the anchor of the pilot program, joined by Essex County College, New Jersey City University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rowan University.

Secretary of Higher Education Rochelle Hendricks said the program should be available to students by the end of the fall. She expressed confidence that NJ PLAN will garner attention from the rest of the country and, perhaps, the world.