Whenever we talk about vaccines on the air, it gets plenty of calls, and this week was no different.

We heard from plenty of people who have horror stories, some more severe than others, about the ill effects of vaccines. Several of the callers were medical professionals, forced to get the flu vaccine against their will.

The topic is as hotly debated as our political climate, and the opinions vary in whatever side of the political aisle you're on. Some parents totally reject any questioning of vaccines for children and dismiss you as a nut if you even doubt the current social and medical orthodoxy. They feel like you're challenging their decision to go along and do the right thing and give their kids the recommended shots. It's like you're challenging their judgment in not hesitating or questioning their decision to go along with the program. They take it personally and attack you like you are some extreme conspiracy theorist.

But the evidence is there, if you do some investigating and talk to parents of children who've been vaccine injured. Here's one to chew on, if you're curious and/or concerned.

We received plenty of emails from parents who are desperate to get the word out that these vaccines are not as totally safe as the medical establishment, the pharma industry and government want us to believe. Check out page 11 of this document.

If the government is so insistent that there is no danger to your children and they MUST get inoculated, then why have they set up a compensation fund that is paying out BILLIONS to those who have the courage and the fortitude to fight? They fight to pay the astronomical bills incurred following devastating injuries to their children and family members.

The media and many doctors dutifully goes along with the establishment line. Why? Of course, it's money. One mother wrote: "It seems mainstream TV gets up to 70 percent of its advertising from big pharma and they control what's put on the news."

She also wrote: "There are reports that both hospitals and medical doctors receive compensation for gaining high percentages of employees/patients receiving them as well as other vaccines. Also, the patient compensation for vaccine injury was set up around 1986 at the same time that a law was passed that doctors and pharma companies had NO responsibility for reactions/injuries/death of patients."

It's truly heartbreaking and frustrating to not only see that this is going on, but that very few people will cover it. This document was sent by a concerned listener who's done her research and wants everyone to know about VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

​I spoke at length with one very strong, intelligent, brave mom who fought for nine years to get compensation for her severely disabled daughter who was vaccine injured at 8 weeks old. She is now 21. She also has a 15-year-old son who has received NO vaccines. In New Jersey your only out is to claim religious exemption. Many parents are afraid to do that, because they don't want to lie and will be intimidated to prove authenticity. They're afraid they'll be asked what religion or show proof from a clergy member. By New Jersey law, the school cannot ask you what religion. This mom told me to tell parents not to be intimidated by schools, because they will try.

Hearing these stories is both heartbreaking and encouraging. If you're involved in this you know what I'm talking about. If you're a new parent, a parent of school aged kids you know what I'm talking about. Do your research and don't be discouraged.

No, I don't trust our government, and I definitely don't trust our media. Do you?

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