"Good night and good luck." - Edward. R. Murrow

"And that's the way it is." - Walter Cronkite

"Perhaps you remember your first edible." - Brian Williams

These are now the most iconic sign offs in news broadcasts.

News anchor Brian Williams, a Ridgewood New Jersey native, didn't hold back on those opposed to wearing face masks during his closing segment of Wednesday night's "11th Hour" on MSNBC.

The program concluded by playing a montage from 'The Recount' of various angry, unhinged conspiracy theorists at board meetings throughout the country. Those featured in the video spew nonsense about how masks are "non-science, Satanic B.S." or - by some outlandish stretch of the imagination - supporting child sex trafficking. The clips are truly a master class in how not to prove you're a sane person.

At one point a screaming man likens Dr. Anthony Fauci to Adolf Hitler, which is a bold statement considering Dr. Fauci has dedicated his career to protecting human lives, when Hitler did... well... literally the opposite. You know what they say: the louder you scream, the more sane you sound and the more right you are!

*Insert eye roll*

You can get a taste of the board meetings where parents opposed children wearing masks in schools in this video:

Followed by Williams' mic drop moment at the end of this second video:

"Perhaps you remember your first edible," he says with a perfect dead pan glare into the camera.

I'm not sure, it seems like the one thing these people haven't had is an edible, it'd probably do them some good. I'd advise them to indulge in one to calm down but I'm sure they'd much prefer Ivermectin.

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