🔴 James Ray III was found guilty of murder in May

🔴 Sentencing was scheduled for July 11

🔴 A guard administered Naloxone when he found Ray

A Montclair lawyer who was convicted in May of killing his girlfriend and was due for sentencing died at the Essex County Correctional Facility following a medical emergency on Sunday.

James Ray III, 60, was taken to University Hospital in Newark where he was pronounced dead, officials said. The Essex County Prosecutor's Office is investigating Hill's death while the county medical examiner will determine a cause of death.

A jury in May took three hours to find Ray guilty of first-degree murder and weapons charges. Ray was scheduled to be sentenced on July 11.

James Ray III
James Ray III (ECCF)

His legal team, attorneys Thomas Ashley and Brook Barnett, told News 12 they want a full investigation into his death especially if he overdosed on drugs. Barnett told NJ.com Ray was "stoic" when the verdict was rendered and there no indication he would take his own life.

They seek a full investigation into his death and have asked for all items in his cell to be preserved.

Union representative Jim Troisi told NJ.com the sergeant who found Ray administered Naloxone.

Authorities said Ray shot 44-year-old Angela Bledsoe in October 2018 in their Montclair home after she dropped their daughter off at school. The former Marine and NYPD officer left with a relative and fled to Cuba. He was extradited the next month and has been behind bars ever since

Prosecutors said she had been planning to move out and was scheduled to meet with a realtor that day.

Ray argued he acted in self-defense.

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