As states reopen across the country, restaurants, gyms, hair salons included, New Jersey is still being lectured by the governor about behaving or he’ll make sure you are “dealt with.”

In many states, stay-at-home orders have expired or have been defeated in court, and life is returning to normal.

Aggressive opposition in Wisconsin led to a Supreme Court decision striking down that state's governor’s action and the same thing may be unfolding in Oregon. The bottom line is in states where people are ready to go back to work and normal life, there are legal warriors ready to help. Sadly, not in New Jersey.

The Republican Party failed miserably to protect the interest of the millions of constituents represented by Republican legislators. They failed to push back on the governor when he arbitrarily picked economic winners and losers. They failed to protect your parents and grandparents as they forced nursing homes to take COVID patients knowing that the most vulnerable people were in those facilities.

And now as millions of New Jerseyans are seeing life return to normal in many other states across America, still no voice representing them in Trenton. Who will speak for New Jersey?

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