Yup, it's gonna be a real word.  According to reports it's under review by the guys who review such things for possible inclusion in the official Merriam-Webster dictionary.

I like the idea that this is a term born in Jersey but have a concern that we now have a local ordinance on the books banning the act. Did we really need a law? The town of Belmar under the leadership of Mayor Matt Doherty passed a local ordinance banning tents larger than 3' by 3' from the beach.

How ridiculous. For most people grabbing a few hours in the sun and surf at the Jersey shore is a limited opportunity that only happens in when the universe smiles and meets your day off with great weather. And now if you decide to take that beach break in Belmar you better have another way of providing shade during an extended beach visit because you can't bring the tent.

What bothers me most about this, beyond the actual danger of umbrellas in the wind which was not addressed by the city government, is the missed revenue opportunity.

Why not encourage people to go to the beach, bring their tent and charge them a premium. I've been going to the Jersey shore for most of my life and I've never been bothered by a family looking to organize their trip by keep everything in one spot under the tent. If people are willing to pay for a day pass for themselves and even pay to bring a car on the beach, they'd surly pay a tent surcharge.

Banning the practice isn't going to change behavior, it's going to drive away many people that would have otherwise paid to be there and certainly spent money locally at the variety of Jersey Shore small businesses. This is short sighted thinking at best.

#SaveTheBeachTent #BanBeachUmbrellas...if you save only one life...

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