The point of these laws is to make us safer. Last week the legislature passed six new gun control laws to "protect" us and especially children.

In light of the alarming amount of school shootings that made the news in just the last few months, people are demanding action. The New Jersey legislature and its new Governor are happy to oblige. These laws will do nothing to keep us safer. In fact they may have just the opposite effect. The police in New Jersey do a good job, but they can't be everywhere.

No where else in the country are you less able to protect yourself from an armed attacker, and these pandering idiots just made it worse. If you think I'm dealing in hyperbole or overreacting because I'm some gun nut, listen to what Steve Sweeney NJ Senate President said of the new laws. THIS IS AN ACTUALLY F&%#ING QUOTE!!! “We’ve done a lot. Listen, it’s New Jersey, who knows?” Sweeney said. “I would like to look at our gun laws and be fair to lawful gun owners, too. Because, you know, the people that aren’t breaking the law are the ones that we’re passing a lot of these laws on, to be honest with you.”

Need I say more!?!?

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