TRENTON — New Jersey is looking to end its fight against private ownership of stun guns.

Attorney General Christopher Porrino wrote in a letter that in light of a recent Supreme Court ruling suggesting that stun gun ownership is protected by the Second Amendment, the state is seeking "an amicable and non-adverserial" resolution of a lawsuit filed by the Second Amendment Society.

Porrino also looks to gradually lift the ban so regulations can be established by State Police for the possession, use and sale of stun guns in New Jersey. It is currently a fourth-degree offense for anyone other than a police officer to carry a stun gun or Taser.

NJ2AS on their website wrote that the group's legal and leadership teams believe that the reason the attorney general is looking to settle "was to spare the embarrassment of a loss, due to the strength our case, and has decided to try to settle outside of court."

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