Jersey saw a lot of rain last weekend. It helped, but this is still a dry year for the State.

That's because February and March were very dry months, according to Dave Robinson, the State Climatologist at Rutgers. He says the several inches of rain that soaked us helped in the battle against a drought this summer. Robinson says New Jersey received between an inch-and-a-half to three inches of rain last weekend, depending on where you are in the state.

But he also cautions that a lot depends on what sort of rainfall Jersey sees in the near future.

Robinson says, "As with anything when it comes to drought, you usually have to wait several weeks to find out."

Robinson explains that one of the factors that is still sustaining New Jersey is that last year was very wet overall, so with this weekend rain, the reservoirs are almost where they should be at this time of year for drought-dodging.

The most immediate benefit from all that weekend rain has to be the soaking of the forest floors. There were daily fire watches in many areas, and that threat has been greatly diminished.