TRENTON — The biggest complaint about Tuesday's election wasn't long lines, problems with voting machines or even who won.

It was stickers.

Social media was full of adults complaining about not being handed a sticker after they voted.

Warren County Clerk Patricia Kolb laughed the morning after and said she was amused with all the sticker complaints on her Facebook feed.

"I told people if they came to the office we'll date stamp your forehead for you. That's the best we can do," she said.

Some retailers were offering discounts or promotions to people who produced an "I voted" sticker on Election Day. People also were showing off their stickers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Kolb said she has never received a sticker when voting in New Jersey or when she lived in New York.

"When we were open on Saturday and Sunday (before Election Day)  for early voting people were asking for stickers. What are you, 12? You're grown adults! This is a big election. Let's not worry about stickers ," Kolb said.

Kolb said that people need to vote every year — even in non-presidential elections when turnout is lower. Maybe then she'll offer stickers.

"You can't just come on presidential elections and expect a sticker. Sorry"

Hillsborough Town Clerk Pam Borek doesn't remember Somerset County ever handing them out, but was open to the idea.

A  sampling of the social media sticker complaints:

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