I dare you to try and start a business in New Jersey. Take your dreams, your aspirations, your planning, your expertise, your sweat and toil and try to start a business in this state. You'll be crying to your mama before the end of the first month. It's not easy anywhere to start and run a business, but in New Jersey, it takes a special breed of human to endure the relentless kicks in the head you'll have to take from your own state to even start, let alone sustain, and heaven forbid....succeed. Well the geniuses just made it harder for ALL businesses, but especially small businesses to survive here by raising the minimum wage.

Thankfully, it won't happen overnight and it doesn't fully kick in until 2024 and 2026. The 'Givenor' Phil Murphy and his co-conspirators in the legislature came to an agreement Thursday afternoon in Trenton. Every business owner in the state is scratching their heads in trying to either figure out how to deal with this or how they can get the f*** out of this state and still make a living. One sure thing is they all will certainly have to raise prices, which may reduce their business and force layoffs and cut-backs in staffing.

Who does this really help? Certainly not the taxpayers and regular citizens who will have to pay more or lose a job, but it does bring in more taxes for the state, theoretically. It gives these losers in the statehouse bragging rights is helping the little guy, but it really doesn't. The ripple effect will hurt everyone. Everyone except those in the government. This is yet another desperate attempt to get more tax money into an unsustainable system that is driving more and more smart, hard working people out of our state.

The vast majority of our lawmakers in Trenton have never run a business and had to be responsible for a payroll. If they need more money for one of their pandering schemes, they just pass it on to us, the taxpayers. They have the luxury of either being enormously wealthy before buying their office (Murphy) or being under the cozy blanket of government employment and the secured retirement checks that come with it. I'd like to see any one of these clowns (my apologies to clowns) try to run a business, with all its inherent risks and pitfalls, and see if they would still be in favor of this minimum wage hike.

This is an outrage perpetrated on the business community and the citizens at large by a group of out of touch, pandering, tax hungry charlatans who've been running this state into the ground for decades. It's policies like this that leave us at the bottom of every list of pro-growth, pro-taxpayer trends of all 50 states, and the laughing stock of rest of the country. It may seem like a good thing or "the right thing to do" as the 'Givenor' likes to say, but it's another reason to get out while you can, unless your under the protective umbrella of New Jersey Government. Even then you're gonna get it eventually, either when this madman leaves, or while he's still bending the rest of us over!

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