Autumn is here throughout The Great Garden State. A time of changes for all of us as we prepare for the winter season ahead.

Changes are also underway throughout our forests and the animals that inhabit them. This, of course, also includes the black bear.

Black bears are on the move throughout New Jersey, and all 21 counties need to be on alert. As we've all learned in the past, black bears aren't just restricted to the northwestern part of the state.

In fact, sightings have been reported in every county throughout the state, which is why it's important for all New Jersey residents to be bear aware.


During the fall season, black bears are looking to fatten up in preparation of winter and will eat and drink constantly as a result. This process is known as hyperphagia.

With that said, fall is also the time of year where chances of spotting a black bear goes up. If you look forward to sightings, then autumn is a great time where odds are increased.

Just be smart if you come across one so you don't put yourself in danger. And always make sure you leave a safe distance and that you allow the bear a proper escape route.

American Black Bear
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If a bear should wonder into your neighborhood and you don't want it paying a visit to your property, there are steps you can take. It all starts with knowing what attracts them to your yard in the first place.

As mentioned above, black bears are looking to put on weight and will eat and drink constantly to prepare for the colder months ahead. Here's what to be aware of to help make your yard less attractive to them.

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Black bears are on the move in New Jersey and all 21 counties need to be ready.

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Moon Bear Rescue Centre In Chengdu
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