Clean up work crews on New Jersey's barrier islands have stopped picking up debris and clearing sand from roadways because there's a new storm heading our way.

Mario Tama, Getty Images
Mario Tama, Getty Images

Joe Mancini, the Mayor of Long Beach Township on Long Beach Island, says after most residents were permitted a "grab and go" visit to their homes yesterday to retrieve important personal documents, medicine and other belongings. They will be barred from coming to LBI today, because everyone is preparing for the Nor'easter heading our way tomorrow.

"We have a lot of equipment running around building temporary dunes," he says, "Working on the electric, the infrastructure, things of that nature - we took all of our large machines off the streets two days ago and put them on the beach- to start pushing up temporary dunes, and at this point Long Beach Township has a minimum of an 8 foot high berm- it's not what we'd like, but we have the entire township with at least an 8 foot berm."

Ocean County spokesman Rich Peterson says in Seaside Heights, "Work crews are really concentrating a large part on trying to shore up the dunes and the beach - in preparation for this next storm we have coming in…they had to be taken away from clearing roads and so forth, so they can get the beach in shape the best they can."

Other towns are following suit - trying to fortify sandy dunes, before the Nor'easter rolls in tomorrow.

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