One phase of a save the Earth law went into effect Thursday. From now on the only way a restaurant, fast food joint or convenience store can give you a plastic straw is if you know to ask for one. No asky-no gety. (Next year a phase begins where you will not be given single-use plastic bags at stores.)

It sucks that because some slobs litter, the rest of us now have to jump through these silly hoops. And if you look at plastics in our oceans as a global issue you know our doing this isn’t going to change a thing when you have other nations allowing garbage to be literally dumped directly into the water.

The Murphy administration has banned plastic straws without request, which won’t solve pollution. Banned bear hunts, which won’t manage our bear population. Banned .50-caliber firearms, which isn’t going to solve gun violence.

If we’re so hellbent on banking things and we’re truly going to be stuck with a Murphy administration for another four years, may I suggest other things that ought to be banned?

Marijuana New Jersey

Let’s ban new laws from being implemented without retiring old laws or regulations. This is one of the most over-regulated states in America and we could use some simplification.


How about banning further property tax increases? When we can’t get any more money from our jobs we have to figure out what to cut from the household budget. Let’s make them do that.

Police Officer Writing Ticket

Maybe ban ticket quotas? Yes, I know they’re supposed to not be allowed but allowing them to still exist in the form of calling them performance reviews isn’t really banning them.

How about banning audiences at political debates? The last gubernatorial debate sounded more like a Jerry Springer show than an important moment in New Jersey’s destiny.

If we can get even crazier, let’s ban people trying to get in an already full elevator instead of first letting people get off. People from bringing their dumb pets into stores and pretending they’re a service animal. Dopes slowing down a long line behind them to pay with exact change.

Or should we just ban New Jersey from any further bans?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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