Most of the "man on the street" video footage you see on local media shows people happily complying with the pointless and ridiculous shopping bag ban. Any time we've talked about the topic on the air, 99% of the people calling in think it's nonsense.

We beg and plead for people to call and tell us why they like it or agree with it, promising not to be combative with them. We got one positive phone call of the almost 100 calls we've taken on the topic over the last week.

But if you listen or watch most corporate media or social media, people are quietly and obediently complying with the new rules, even though they don't really know if it will make a difference in the health of the environment or the planet. They figure the people in charge must know what they're doing and what's good for us so ... sure why not.

Plastic Bag Ban
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With that attitude throughout history, we'd still be paying taxes to the King Of England. Don't despair. There are lots of people out there who agree with you.

Here's an example from a listener named Chris in Delran:

OK, Ayatollah Murphy has saved the turtles by banning plastic bags. What about all the other plastic packaging that we get in the stores? And what do we do with that stuff? Throw it in our plastic garbage bags and send it to the landfill, of course! Shouldn't Our Dear Bay-State-Boy Governor just advise us to toss all those plastic bags in the trash, to commingle with the other plastic items we are tossing? Those bags and McDonald's plastic straws certainly would take up less space in the landfill than plastic clamshells, plastic wrap, PVC pipe, soda cups, etc.

Chris went on to say:

Did you notice Murphy's media lackeys only interviewed shoppers who agreed with the bag ban? I didn't see one interview that was against the Drumthwacket Dictator's edict, just like no one could be found who was against his CoCo-19 rules. Except for Atilis Gym.

Just so you know you're not alone.

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