A major heroin ring operating in Ocean, Monmouth, and Middlesex County is broken up following federal charges.

(Spencer Platt, Getty Images)

Fourteen arrests were made and 20 people are being charged in connection with the Cadet DTO organization, which was allegedly responsible for selling "sizable quantities" of heroin.

"It's certainly a few thousand brick of heroin a month, grossing them roughly six figures each month," said U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman on Thursday during a press conference in Asbury Park.

Herve Cadet, a.k.a "Gotti" or "Bro", 22, of Neptune and Sayreville, one of the leaders of the organization, was arrested Thursday morning, as part of a coordinated takedown by local and federal law enforcement agencies which netted 14 arrests.

The other leader, Eric Smith, a.k.a "EV" or "E", 42, of Manchester was already in custody since September on different offenses. Seven defendants remain at large.

Both leaders are charged with conspiracy to distribute a kilogram or more of heroin.
While the Cadet DTO comprised the majority of the arrests, two heroin dealers were also arrested in the raid with no connection to the group.

Through a series of wire taps, confidential informants, and other means, Fishman said they learned of a sophisticated heroin operation, involving Cadet and Smith overseeing distributors, packaging, storing and selling heroin. The group allegedly sold crack cocaine as well.
Members used stash houses, spoke in code and used Haitian Creole to avoid detection by law enforcement.

"Using code words like dog food, parties, girls, clothing, jeans," Fishman said.

Additionally, the US Attorney said the leaders of the group were recorded expressing concern over drug quality, customer satisfaction, pricing, as well as branding of their product.

"The way they branded their heroin, with names and logos stamped right on the envelope. Brands like 'Street Doctor,' 'YouTube,' 'Hurricane Sandy,' 'Final Game' and for top of the line product-something they called 'White Bitch.'"

Fishman said there were several calls recorded where one of the alleged dealers told Cadet their heroin was too strong and it was getting customers sick.

"In one instance, Cadet speculates that [the heroin] was too powerful and suggests to one of his underlings that it be cut by 25 percent before their next batch," Fishman said.

Monmouth County First Assistant Prosecutor Mac LeMieux said federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies meet in Asbury Park every six weeks to share information on how to combat the drug epidemic.

The other members of the group charged with conspiracy include: Dwight Simon, also known as "Break Bread," 30, of Asbury Park; Noble El-Bey, also known as "T" or "Terry," 42, of Asbury Park; Evens Joseph, also known as "Dirty Evan" or "De," 36, of Neptune; Steve Jean-Baptiste, also known as "Black," 29, of Asbury Park; Harriel Jean- Baptiste, also known as "Harry," 25, of Asbury Park; Junior Parcias, also known as "Peso," 28, of Neptune; Kurtis Barnes, also known as "Gotti," 36, of Lakewood; Charlene Braithwaite-Lovet, also known as "Shay," 40, of Asbury Park; Athena Gillis, also known as "Shorty," 28, of Asbury Park; Jerrel Collins, also known as "Fat Boy," 27, of Ocean Township; Delovi Canales, also known as "Butter," 48, of Toms River; Laurie Matthews, 48, of Whiting, Amal Blaine, also known as "Mal," 27, of Lakewood; Mackinson Casimir, also known as "Scrappy," 26, of Ocean Township; Reginald Walker, also known as "Red," 45, of Red Bank; Brandon Keyes, also known as "BK," 31, of Neptune; Schneider Monestime, 32, of Asbury Park; and Marvin Brodie, also known as "Marv,"44, of Manchester.

Simon, El-Bey, Steve Jean-Baptiste, Parcias, Collins, and Keyes remain at large. The conspiracy count which each defendant is charged carries a minimum potential penalty of 10 years in prison, with a life sentence as a maximum prison sentences as well as a $10 million fine.

A separate complaint, not connected to Cadet DTO, charged Joel Mendez, aka "Crack" or "Joey Mendez," 34 of Bradly Beach, and Alfred Lyons, aka "Alfie," 33, of Neptune with conspiracy as well.

The conspiracy county charging Mendez and Lyons carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $1 million dollar fine. Mendez remains at large.