Jersey residents heading to a 4th of July celebration tomorrow are being asked by state officials to stay vigilant - and keep their eyes open for a possible terror attack.

Ed Dickson, the Director of the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, says "you know obviously we're plugged in - heavily coordinated with the FBI's joint Terrorism Task Force - with DHS…but we have no specific threats against New Jersey."

Nevertheless, he says "we need to remind our citizens and visitors to our state to be vigilant - to be aware of their surroundings…I think everybody knows what suspicious activity is when they see it- a bag left unattended is a perfect example - something that looks out of place…those are the kinds of tips and leads that we would be looking for from the public."

Dickson adds in the post 9/11 world "I wouldn't call it sad, I would call it shared responsibility- everybody trying to keep everybody safe…when people head out for 4th of July celebrations tomorrow they should stay alert, know their surroundings, and report suspicious activity, because sometimes unforeseen event happen that force people to take action…anyone with anything to report should contact their local police - or call 211- which connects you to the state's tip line."

He also says everybody should prepare emergency "Go Bags, so if something were to happen they can grab a bag, which will contain bottled water and battery powered radios, flashlights, etc…and  every family should have an emergency plan "so everybody knows where they be expected to be, how they're going to communicate with one another if something were to happen…stay informed - know such information as local evacuation routes, where shelters are- listening to the news, being aware…that will go a long toward keeping you and your family safe."