A ribbon cutting ceremony was held today at the New Jersey 101.5 studios as we take another step closer to being green.

Ribbon cutting with Trinity Solar
Ribbon cutting with Trinity Solar (Gary Gellman, Gellman Images)

"Jersey power!" exclaimed Ray "The Prize Guy" Handel, Group Marketing Director for Townsquare Media New Jersey, as Bill Granger, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Trinity Solar and Ewing Mayor Bert Steinmann cut the ribbon with New Jersey 101.5 personalities looking on.

"Trinty Solar is really thrilled to be installing another commercial system especially with our partners New Jersey 101.5," said Granger. "I think you're going to reap tremendous benefits now and in the future. Congratulations on such a great choice!"

"Going solar has been a great experience. Partnering with Trinity Solar has made saving on our electric bill, and contributing to making our environment better, an easy thing to do." said Lorenzo Caldara, General Manager for New Jersey 101.5.

In attendance at today's ceremony were Greg Janoff, Regional Vice President for Townsquare Media New Jersey, Eric Johnson, New Jersey 101.5 Brand Manager, Benjamin Seltzer, Business Relationship Manager for the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce, Kristen English, Director of Sales and Marketing for Trinity Solar and Candice Adams, Marketing Manager for Trinity Solar.


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Learn more about solar energy and how you could make the switch, visit trinity-solar.com/ for more information.