He may have been eliminated on television but JSOUL's "Voice" was heard Thursday night on New Jersey 101.5.

Jonathan Guilfoyle, also known as JSOUL, grew up on the Jersey Shore — most notably Seaside Heights. He started singing when he was eight years old. After trying out 9 times for The Voice, finally made it to the big show.

You may remember JSOUL on Team Adam, getting coached by Sammy Hagar. What was the best advice he received?

New Jersey 101.5 staff

"Don't think too much, just let the music happen," he told me Thursday night in the New Jersey 101.5 studio.

Off-air, he treated the late-night New Jersey 101.5 crew to an amazing rendition of his new song, 'Say Yes' — and as great as it sounded, it's only a rough cut! It was the first time he'd ever performed it in front of anyone besides his guitarist, JSOUL told me.

There will be much more music happening for JSOUL, who will be touring all over the country and is in the process of getting a record deal.

On the personal side — his mom, Linda Turri, who was in Newark and went to Jackson High. was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is preparing to have surgery and we pray for her.

"At the same time this is all going on, my father Robert Guilfoyle, who was also born in Newark and lived in the Jackson area, was going through quadruple bypass heart surgery which he is still in recovery for right now," he told me.

How does JSOUL deal with this?

"I have faith in God that we will all get through this difficult time and push on towards a bright future," he said.

That faith seems to be working right now.

Asked who his favorite voice is..."My favorite voice would have to be Frank Sinatra."

If the Chairman of the Board heard JSOUL sing, those old blue eyes would be smiling!

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