It was an honor to be invited by my friend Rosemarie Becchi to the launch of her new initiative, the New Jersey Policy Institute.

Along with her team which includes our friend Andy Mulvihill (who happens to own Crystal Spring Resort, one of the best-kept secrets in the Garden State.

The group is poised to help us on the journey to restore sanity to the Garden State. The group will focus on education and the economy presenting sound ideas which should become part of the foundation for new policy for our great state.

In my remarks yesterday I spoke about the politicians in Trenton needing guidance on smart policy that will accomplish the goals that we all share. Restoring liberty and creating prosperity in New Jersey.

One of the big issues that will be discussed over the next two years is a true form of "school choice" for parents. We've talked about education savings accounts on the air before and it's great to see a new group raising money and pushing for smart ideas like this.

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