If you didn’t know, among other holidays, May happens to be National Cheesecake Month. If you love cheesecake, you understand that there is nothing that quite compares to the creamy, sweet, tart magnificence have a delicious cheesecake. And I consider myself a connoisseur. I’ve tried so many different flavors and variations, I’ve decided that in order to celebrate, we need to narrow down the list to the best cheesecake bakers in the state.

As a lover of cheesecake, I have made it my mission to try some of Jerseys best cheesecake this month. There are quite a few places that specialize in cheesecakes in New Jersey, but these 4 are consistently getting the best reviews for taste, texture, quality, decadence and just sheer deliciousness. Treat yourself to a cheesecake to celebrate.

  • 1

    Love and Cheesecakes in Oakhurst

    Love And Cheesecakes was founded by a working wife, mom and grandmother to help her cope during COVID and all she saw as a healthcare provider. And you've never seen anything like their amazing creations. One look at their Instagram and you’ll see why they made the top of this list. Heath Bar cheesecake? Yes, Please. Each cheesecake is handmade per order. Gluten-free and non-dairy available upon request.

  • 2

    Marc's Cheesecake in Glen Rock

    Since 1994, Marc’s Cheesecake has been serving up some of the freshest, homemade cheesecake New Jerseyans have ever seen. The owner, Marc works every day and has made it a priority of his to know each and every customer that walks through the doors. The store usually has 5-6 flavors of cheesecake a day, and they take weekly flavor requests. Find out more on the Marc's Cheesecake Facebook page.

  • 3

    Anthony’s Cheesecake in Bloomfield

    Head over to Bloomfield if you are the type of person who loves a variety of desserts. Anthony’s specializes in some of the most creative combos you ever tasted. From Sweet Potato Cinnamon to Fresh Fig Goat Cheese to Boston Creme, Anthony’s has some of the most unique flavors I've ever seen. Their cheesecakes come in four sizes, so whether you are eating for 1 or a family Anthony’s has you covered. Their website can be found here.

  • 4

    Tuckahoe Cheesecakes in ... you guessed it ... Tuckahoe

    If you want a cheesecake that tastes like your grandmother made it, head over to Tuckahoe Cheesecakes. With over 25 flavors of cheesecake it’ll be hard for you to leave here empty handed. You can also customize your cheesecake to have up to four flavors, in addition to selecting your favorite icing and toppings. And if you’re really indecisive, Tuckahoe offers samplers which include some of their most prized flavors.

  • 5

    Junior's Cheesecakes in Burlington

    When it comes to Cheesecake, Juniors simply makes the best. Ever since its founding in 1950 people haven’t been able to stay away from Juniors Cheesecake. They have hundreds of flavors circling throughout their locations, and all of which are worth a try. If you are a big fan of cheesecake you simply haven’t lived until you’ve tried Juniors.

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