If you really want to help a homeless person, give them socks! So says Caroline Scherrer, co-founder of People For The Poor. They're an organization that gives 100 percent of its donations to help the homeless and hungry of South Jersey. Now Bombas Socks are doing just that by donating 1000 pairs of their top quality socks to People For The Poor.

Scherrer explains why socks are so important, saying, "Believe it or not, a former homeless man addressed a social action class at Catholic University and said if he had his choice between a brand new winter coat and a brand new pair of socks, he would take the socks every time, because you can always find a way of getting warm, but if your feet are wet, if they're cold, if they have holes in them that are causing blisters, it just throws the entire body off."

Scherrer read about Bombas Socks and was turned on to them by a friend:

"As you know, People for the Poor supports homeless shelters and soup kitchens throughout South Jersey. A friend of mine had received some Bombas Socks through their website because their motto is "for every pair that we sell, we will donate a pair of our socks to those in need." She told me to go to their website and see if we may be getting some socks for my homeless - so I did thinking well, I tried never expecting their amazing response!"

"One night coming home from work, there were four HUGE boxes containing 1000 pairs of socks from Bombas!! I was in shock and immediately started to distribute them to my homeless. One shelter reached out to me because each one of their homeless received a couple of pairs - they were beyond thrilled - imagine having 2 pairs of socks instead of the one and only pair which had holes in them!! , They were impressed with the quality - they didn't fall down into the shoes, they were extremely comfortable - and they were NEW. The things we take so much for granted, like a pair of socks, means the world to a person who have so little. This was a true gift to so many.

Between the Mercer County couple buying out Payless and donating the shoes to "Womanspace" and Bombas donating socks to the homeless, some people who are down on their luck and life can walk a little better. Sometimes it makes all the difference!

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