Since Gov. Phil Murphy got elected, our state has continued to get weaker and more fearful of normal life. The pandemic, which peaked in April, continues to be the driver of dangerous and inconsistent policy from Trenton elites.

The same virus that is unlikely to get a child sick, let alone be life-threatening, is being used to create false benchmarks to control behavior.

The new mantra of the far Left and their complicit counterparts in the feckless Republican Party is "safety." Despite the overwhelming evidence that coronavirus spreads regardless of whether you’re home, masked or going about your normal activities (I base that point in part on the high percentage of hospitalizations among people in NY and NJ who isolated at home for months), there is nearly zero evidence that a mask prevents a virus from infecting a person, especially when used without complete PPE. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci said as much in March.

The WHO has revealed several studies showing that asymptomatic people are not the spreaders of the virus. And we know that it is very unlikely that you can catch coronavirus from a surface. Despite all this, the new rules from Murphy will require masking every child in school. Why? Safety? Kids are not dying from it and they are not spreading it to adults. This has nothing to do with public health. This is about control. It’s about getting your children to blindly obey government edicts.

Look at the tropical storm we’re dealing with this week. It’s as if this is at the level of Superstorm Sandy. State of emergency? Are you kidding me? We are being conditioned in New Jersey to comply. Comply with arbitrary government edicts based on protecting you from yourself. This is the most dangerous time I have witnessed in my lifetime when it comes to defending individual liberty and maintaining constitutional protections.

The fact that the government is using the power of the police to shutter gyms and restaurants is causing irreparable harm to our economy. That, in the end, will cost many lives than the virus. We cannot function as a vibrant society providing for the lives and livelihoods of families across all economic levels unless we are free. If government can keep you shuttered in your home through the fear of a virus that is unlikely to harm you, or a storm that is unlikely to have any major impact, then we have lost as a society.

It’s time to fight back. Put down the mask. Teach your kids to question and resist, especially when government edicts are inconsistent and arbitrary. No free thinking American should be a slave to arbitrary Government action.

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