Drivers across the Garden State are being warned about a new distracted driving crackdown that begins on Sunday. A total of 219 New Jersey police departments and the State Police are sharing $1.3 million in grant money to carry out the U Drive, U Text, U Pay campaign, which will target drivers using their cell phones while they’re behind the wheel.

Under the tax laws signed into law by President Donald Trump, New Jersey will have the highest share of residents paying more taxes and one of the lowest shares of people getting tax cuts, a new study finds.

A proposal to make around 600 undocumented immigrants eligible for financial aid to attend New Jersey colleges is now one vote from reaching Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk, after being approved Monday by the state Senate.

Poor immigrants facing deportation in New Jersey could get access to legal aid under a $2.1 million cash infusion in Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy's proposed budget.

The top Democrat in the state Legislature said Tuesday that he is not a fan of the new taxes proposed by the governor of his own party. In fact, Senate President Steve Sweeney also would back away from supporting even his own tax increase ideas, including a recent proposal to tax corporations with profits of more than $1 million.

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