A new report is calling on New Jersey officials to remove the threat of lead in all school drinking water, even if it costs billions of dollars. http://nj1015.com/these-88-nj-schools-had-lead-in-water-poland-springs-not-real-fix-activists-say/

A sad twist announced in Hudson County, in the Union City fire two weekends ago that caused the death of a toddler. http://nj1015.com/dad-charged-with-causing-union-city-fire-that-killed-baby-burned-down-block/

Last night, the Jackson Township Council voted down the construction of dormitories, a controversial decision after months of debate. http://nj1015.com/as-jackson-bans-dormitories-officials-swear-theyre-not-targeting-jews/

New Jersey's limits on property tax levy increases are stricter than they used to be, but still permit increases that average more than 2 percent because some things aren't covered. http://nj1015.com/nj-assembly-votes-to-make-it-easier-for-towns-to-raise-property-taxes/


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