Maria Mantoudakis is an award-winning inspirational speaker and a personal development trainer of more than 20 years. For 15 years, she was a certified trainer for Dale Carnegie’s course and is currently a Jack Canfield Success Principles Certified trainer. She was also a regular at Catch A Rising Star when I was house emcee and laughed at all my jokes. That deserves an award!

One day while sitting in a Starbucks she overheard a woman tell her friend about her attempted suicide the night before. She felt so guilty about not butting into the conversation that she channeled her thoughts into a new book called Tsunami to Greatness.

"Tsunami to Greatness propels the reader into a journey of self-love, understanding of universal laws, and peace of knowing that the synchronicity of the Universe results in our self-evolution, and greatness," Maria told me via email.

It all started while sitting at a Starbucks watching the people go by.

"Wouldn't you know it, two teenagers came and sat next to me. They were having their drinks and one says to the other — you try not to listen but I was at the next table and couldn't help hearing them — 'I tried to commit suicide, I took some extra pills last week but it didn't work.'"

What shocked Maria, who fought the urge to get involved, was that the person hearing this information took it as it were nothing special.

"It was like they were talking about what they had for lunch the previous day," she said

After they left, Maria felt so guilty about not saying anything that she started doing the research that would become "Tsunami to Greatness."

"I noticed how much suicide there is in the world, not only with teenagers and adults, but how much despair there is in the world and I knew that a message had to go out."

With Maria, the message is always positive because that's the type of person she is. What advice would she give other than buy the book?

"I just wish that people after reading the book would step away knowing that you are so special and you have so much to contribute in this life, that if you didn't contribute what you're here to contribute, the rest of us suffer."

To order a copy of Tsunami to Greatness click here.

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