The way you get your New Jersey drivers license will change on Tuesday to accommodate new security procedures.

Drivers getting new licenses will no longer wait in person for their licenses to be made using printers the MVC says are "outdated, frequently overheat, and break down" — those will be removed from the centers entirely. Instead, drivers will be issued interim licenses, valid for 30 days, then sent regular licenses by mail.

"Your transaction will be quicker and more efficient, getting you in and out of the Center in less time," the MVC said in an announcement. It says the mailed licenses will come in about a week or two — about the same time as for a license renewed online to show up.

The "central issuance" procedure is already in effect in 27 states, according to the MVC. It said the new procedure provides more fraud protection and security for individuals’ personal information.

"We already mail hundreds of thousands of licenses via our online and mail renewal systems, but this initiative will round out that process – and have the side effect of speeding your trip if you have to visit the agency in person," MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton said in the agency's statement.

The actual license will also include security upgrades but will look a lot like the old licenses, except for the use of a newer MVC logo.

The change is made in accordance with the Real ID program but was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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