Governor Christie took it out and now the Motor Vehicle Commission pulls it back in. You will once again be charged a "convenience fee" for online Motor Vehicle transactions. This comes at a time when you're being encouraged to do as much business on lime as you can to avoid the rush for the "Real ID" drivers license lines that should be coming. So basically it's "help us and we'll charge you for doing so to the tune of $1.50, along with the cost of your document."

According to the article in, "We began charging the online fee effective April 24th after the suspension of the credit card convenience fee expired," says Jim Hooker an MVC spokesman. "The convenience fee is charged by the credit card processing service and not by the state of New Jersey."

Christie had ordered the suspension of the online fees Aug 24, 2016 to shorten the lines, but according to MVC spokesman Jim Hooker, there was zero increase in usage during the 18 month trial period. So when the suspension expired, MVC Chief administrator Sue Fulton declined to renew. How exactly was THAT going to help increase usage?

Now that we have more transactions that can be done online and the coming of the Real ID licenses, which will crowd the agencies, what better time to sneak back the transaction fee which was anywhere from .75 cents to $2.50.

Some would say the fees are just nickels and dimes. I say it's just another way that we're being nickel'd and dime'd to death in New Jersey.

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