On Monday, Gov. Phil Murphy in his continuation of not understanding his role as an elected official, promised to keep his boot on the necks of our rights as free people.

He went on national TV and then reiterated in his tri-weekly dog and pony show that he doubts he will allow us to return to normal life anytime soon. He pointed to the new "variants" in the COVID-19 outbreak as his reason for not opening up the state completely in the near future.

It's a virus. Allow people to take care of their health and safety as they see fit. Unless you have a guaranteed income, like a public sector job, or one that allows you to collect a steady paycheck working from home, the news is devastating.

He continues to seemingly enjoy his role as the sole "supreme leader" of the state, denying you as say through your elected representatives in the legislature.

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A handful of Republicans in the Senate and Assembly twice tried to regain normal control of power as intended in the Constitution, but were twice denied.

What's more frightening that a new, sometimes deadly virus from Wuhan, China, that arrived a year ago, is the mindset of most in New Jersey that has been incubating for years, through apathy and ignorance.

The belief that ONE man should have the kind of power and control of our lives that Phil Murphy does. He can do his little act of TV a few times a week on how much he cares about the people of New Jersey, in the name of public safety and health, but the reality is that he is doing far more damage to all of us long-term by continuing this tyranny.

What should frighten everyone more than a new virus in our midst is the ignorance and fear that has allowed this to continue for an entire year.

What's even scarier and more depressing is that he will probably get re-elected come November. Unbelievable!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis’ own.

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