If you weren't prepared for Hurricane Sandy, you're not alone. Now that life is slowly starting to return to normal, most New Jersey residents say they would do things differently.

Allison Joyce, Getty Images
Allison Joyce, Getty Images

The storm knocked out power for millions, and created a gasoline and food and water shortage up and down the coast.

"Next time I would have more food and water...I mean I had bottled water but it goes really fast when you have three kids, and there is only so much cereal and peanut butter and jelly you can eat," said Nicole from Toms River.

"We were totally unprepared, we didn't have extra flashlights and batteries, we only had candles," said another man in Brick.

"Who would've guessed we would be without power for so long, I mean people did not have the essentials for sure," said another man grocery shopping in Ocean County.

But there were some people who said they did plan ahead.

"I had cooked a lot of meals ahead of time," said one woman.

"We had a grill and made a lot of food that way, but it was cold in the house with no heat," said another man.

Others said they braved the elements for a few days before giving up and buying generators.

"We made it until about Wednesday and then we caved...we have a little puppy and I had to keep my family safe and warm," said Joe, who was shopping with his wife.

"I'm an electrician so I had a spare one from all the jobs I do, I ended up sharing it with a few friends."

"My neighbor and I are already talking about buying a generator and splitting the cost so we will never have to deal with having no power again during the next storm," said another man.


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