Today's Blue Friday honoree is Detective Supervisor Spence Osaigbovo.

As a member of the Prosecutor's Office, Detectives spend a lot of time with victims building trust and offering help. Detective Supervisor Osaigbovo did just that with a victim he had helped in the past. Thankfully, she thought to call him when she was in trouble. This time, the trouble was a bad and potentially deadly decision she made ingesting pills in an attempt to end her life. She called the Detective and he was able to keep her calm, get critical information from her and determine her location. In short order he was able to get help to the victim.

The acting prosecutor, Robert Carroll had this to say on the Office Facebook page:

We commend Det. Supervisor Osaigbovo for literally preserving the life of a person in need under very challenging circumstances. His effort and skill in continuing his life saving dialogue with the subject yet keeping his focus on identifying the location where help could be sent is an outstanding example of excellence in policing.” -

Detective Supervisor Spence Osaigbovo is a great example of the strengh, courage and calm professionalism of New Jersey Law Enforcement.

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2020 Blue Friday Honorees

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