🔴 Ewing Public Schools were open Wednesday with an additional police presence

🔴 Gunman Andrew McRae's sister described him as the “oddball of the family”

🔴 McRae's family and police are at a loss to explain why he opened fire Monday night

Ewing public schools were open as normal Wednesday after a written threat against two district schools was found in the pocket of the Michigan State University gunman.

Ewing police have a higher presence at the school's five schools the rest of the week out of an abundance of caution, according to Superintendent David Gentile.

"In the wake of a tragedy like this, it is not uncommon to feel unsettled, anxious, or fearful when resuming our routine. If anyone needs additional support, please let your building principal know," Gentile said in a statement.

McRae made threats specifically against Ewing High School and Fisher Middle School that were found to be unsubstantiated,  Ewing police Lt. Glenn Tettimer told New Jersey 101.5. He did not disclose the nature of the threat. Tettimer said McRae had not been to Ewing in several years.

Ewing police vehicle outside Ewing High School
Ewing police vehicle outside Ewing High School (Brian McCarthy)

Gunman's motive a mystery

The deceased at MSU were identified as students all from Michigan: Arielle Anderson, a junior, and Brian Fraser, a sophomore, both from Grosse Pointe; and Alexandria Verner, a junior from Clawson.

Police in Michigan have not yet determined McRae's motive for the shooting.

Chris Rozman, deputy chief of campus police said McRae was not affiliated with the school. Andrew McRae's father Michael and sister are also at a loss to explain why he opened fire.

Melinda McRae told CNN her brother was “socially isolated” and the “oddball of the family” who often fought with their parents. She said her brother lived with their father but would frequently leave and live in shelters in different cities.

The 43-year-old was described by his father Michael as a "mama's boy" who was devastated by the death of his mother Linda from a stroke in 2020, their father Michael McRae told CNN.

“He was getting more and more bitter. Angry and bitter. So angry. Evil angry," Michael McRae told CNN.

Anthony McRae (Michigan Department of Corrections via AP) (MSU Police)
Anthony McRae (Michigan Department of Corrections via AP) (MSU Police)

Neighbors worry about 'what if'

Neighbor Megan Bender told The New York Times that when police showed up at the McRae house in Lansing they weren't surprised. A neighbor showed her an image from his security system showing Anthony away from his home around 2:30 p.m. Monday, several hours before the shooting.

Bender speculated about what would have happened if Anthony McRae came home after the shooting instead of having a confrontation with police. He took his own life when police found him in an industrial area in East Lansing.

In 2019, McRae was accused of illegally possessing a concealed weapon, according to the state Corrections Department, but pleaded guilty to having a loaded gun in a vehicle, a misdemeanor. He completed 18 months of probation.

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