Allentown High School in Upper Freehold Twp was packed last night. For hours they sat and argued whether the rural township will become the first in the state that will allow a medical marijuana facility that will serve central N.J. This is one of the ultimate NIMBY issues ("not in my backyard," for those unfamiliar). One woman stood up saying, "The quality of life in our community is going to be so severely compromised that we won't be able to recognize Upper Freehold any longer." Another person, "This will compromise the safety of our children and families."

Medical Marijuana


I hope the children in his family never have to discover later in life that they have multiple sclerosis, or Crohn's disease, or anything that comes with such terrible pain that medical marijuana could alleviate. What's ironic about this NIMBY thing is the way folks kid themselves. Do they think New Jersey isn't already awash in illegal marijuana? Do they really think it's not already in every town? Do they truly want to fight this, and force good people who are simply trying to ease their family members suffering into becoming criminals by acquiring it on the streets? It's already IN your backyard New Jersey. Get over it. Sick people who need it shouldn't become criminals just because YOU'RE not accepting reality.

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